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The golf bug started off primarily as a local golf course directory for golfer's in the UK, more recently however it has evolved to include our very own Golfer's Dictionary which was devised based on our own experiences whilst out on the course and some of the behaviour we have seen.

We have also evolved the site to include a range of articles which will only increase in size and hopefully offer a series of tips and triks to help in reducing your score.

The Future

So, what does the future hold for The Golf Bug, well more and more articles will appear, the professionals section will continue to grow with more and more professional golfers being added to it and we will be hosting a survey to find out what the golfer's on the internet actually want out of a site.

The long term plan for the site is to convert the site into a community site for golfer's developed by golfer's.

Golfer's Dictionary


The part of a the swing immediately after telling the ball where to go and before hitting the ball into the nearest rough patch.

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