What to Wear on the Golf Course

When choosing golfing attire it's recommended to bear in mind the dress code of the golf club you'll be playing at, the weather conditions you'll be playing in and your comfort whilst playing. Most importantly golf clothes need to be light, comfortable and allow for freedom of movement whilst playing. It helps if you look good because it can increase your confidence which in turn helps to raise your level of play.

The following guide is designed to help you pick the right outfit for golfing.

Golf Wear for Ladies

Women's golfing clothes demand all the usual requirements of other sport clothes. In essence, golfing clothes need to be hardwearing, breathable and comfortable while also look the parting the part as well.

Ladies golf wear needs to be suitable for all conditions, as we all know the weather can change at the worst possible moment. Optimum ranges of golf wear are designed to be durable and flexible to adapt to all conditions.

Golfing clothes should keep you dry without sacrificing style to help you stand out from the golfing crowd. Long or short sleeved golf shirts, tank tops and golf jackets can be complimented by shorts, skirts, capri's or performance pants.

Men's Golf Wear

Standard golfing apparel for men includes shorts, collared shirts, pullovers, golfing jackets and trousers for cold and wet weather.

Golf clothing is available made from high performance materials and fabrics such as microfibre which is as breathable and light as cotton, with the durability and quick drying qualities of polyester.

As opposed to golfing early days clothing is now no longer solely about practicality or style. Fashion still plays a large part in golfing culture today but many golf clothing lines now include sporting elements as standard to enhance player's ability and performance on the course.

All Round Outfit

Generally speaking similar clothes are worn on golf courses all year round. A typical outfit consists of the following garments.

  • Golf Jackets are recommended to for everyday golf wear to protect against cold, wet and windy conditions.
  • Golf Jumpers or pullovers are highly recommended in case of sudden weather changes to provide more warmth and protection from the wind.
  • The majority of golf course dress codes require players to wear Collared Shirts. Tennis shirts and button down shirts are acceptable on most courses depending on dress codes.
  • Most golf clubs allow men to wear Golf Shorts where as some only allow trousers. Golf dress codes for ladies usually allow knee length shorts, skirts and culottes.
  • In all weather conditions Golf Hats are recommended. Wide brimmed hat's offer the most versatile option offering protection from the sun on bright days while providing cover from rain during wet weather.


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