The Golf Shoe

A good swing depends on having a secure footing so a good pair of golfing shoes is very important. Golf shoes have metal or hard rubber spikes that provide grip to prevent your feet twisting or moving whilst swinging.

Choosing a Shoe

You'll find that most golf clubs have rules on the type of footwear and spikes you are required to wear so choosing the right shoe is important. Here's some top tips:

  • Look for shoes with cushioned inner soles, good arch support and a padded collar around the back to protect your ankles
  • Wear thick socks when you try your shoes on as your feet tend to swell when playing
  • Always 'break in' you shoes before playing in them for the first time

The Wonderful Weather

If you play in hot or dry conditions on a regular basis, look to buy all leather shoes as they will allow your feet to 'breathe' a bit more but they will require constant polishing and waterproofing to keep them in a good condition.

More likely if you're in the UK, you'll need shoes more suited to wetter conditions. One piece shoes are build using more synthetic materials to keep the water out and are very light but your feet may get more than a little warm when the weather does likewise.

Soft Spiked Shoes

Most golf clubs have now banned the metal spiked shoes due to the damage that could be caused to the course, in particular the greens so you will often find that you need to use the hard rubber or plastic spikes into your golfing shoes.


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