Choosing the Right Set of Golf Clubs

To get the most out of a good game of golf you need the right clubs. Different clubs have different uses to help you carry out a range of techniques and perform a number of shots.

The following guide is designed to help you choose the right set of clubs to get the most out of your game.

Types of Irons

Irons are the most versatile and frequently used clubs in any player's bag and are designed to assist players when approaching the green from fairway and rough lies.

Irons are also often used off the tee for shorter holes (such as par 3s or 4s) or anywhere that players need a greater degree of control than a driver or wood can provide.

Most set of golf clubs contain 9 irons numbered fro 3 through to 9 accompanied by a pitching wedge and sand wedge.

Choosing Driver Heads

Modern driver heads are usually made from either steel or titanium. Steel drivers provide longer distances and offer a greater degree of control whereas titanium drivers are stronger whilst remaining lightweight.

Due to the varying properties of different materials, titanium drivers that weigh the same as a steel driver will have a larger head which offers more forgiveness.

This means you can get away with slight errors in your swing or hit that won't cause a large impact on your game.

Wedges Buying Guide

Wedges are a form of irons which are designed for accuracy and used to make precise shots when in close proximity to the green and when the player is targeting the pin.

For this reason wedges are often known as 'scoring clubs' and are sometimes classed as though they were a club separate from other irons.

Selecting Putters

Putter are often thought of as the most important club in a as they are used the most often during a round. Putter's purpose in a game is specific and critical, to get the ball in the hole on the green.

The key to winning your game lies with your putter. One of the fastest ways to reduce your average score is to improve on your putting. Because of this, selecting the right putter can have a considerable impact on your game.


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