Golfing Accessories Review

When playing golf a range of equipment is used. As well as getting the right set of clubs and choosing the right outfit and shoes a few essential accessories are required.

Different players use different accessories and the range of golfing products available means there's something for everyone. Using accessories won't necessarily make you the greatest player straight but they can help you improve and find your strengths on the golf course.

The following article is designed to help you find the right golfing accessories.

Golf Ball Types

Golf balls are designed to improve either distance, feel or spin. Golf balls are split into groups as described below.

Distance Balls incorporate design features that enhance maximum distance achievable while producing little backspin, allowing the player extra length from the tee.

Performance Balls provide more spin, fly with an improved trajectory and are more suited to players who have a lower handicap. If you are looking for increased control and don't mind losing a little in terms of distance.

Compromise Balls have a good combination features and combine improved distance with increased feel.

Low Compression Balls offer more spin than distance balls but without compromising on distance during driving due to their reduced compression cores and soft covers.

Choosing Golf Bags

Golf bags fall into one of two categories as described below.

Stand Bags are made of lightweight materials and feature shoulder straps and weight load dispersal systems. When put down on the ground stand bags remain resting upright on either extending legs or flat bottoms. Stand bags are convenient as your golf clubs are always to hand for ease of selection.

Trolley Bags are larger and heavier than stand bags and have a more robust design. Trolley bags are designed to fit on stands with wheels which are either pushed, pulled or electrically controlled. Golf bags are usually made from leather and are durable, heavy duty bags.

Golf Gloves Buying Guide

Some professionals choose to play golf without gloves but to most amateur golfers gloves are essential. Golf gloves provide more grip which helps prevent your golf club's handle twisting during the swing.

Golf gloves also help to reduce blisters and calluses appearing as stopping slipping as a result of sweat, rain or worn down grips. Golfers tend to take their glove off while putting to gain maximum feedback from the club during this delicate stage.

When playing, only one glove is worn on the hand nearest to the end of the grip while holding the club. Right handed people wear a golf glove on their left hand while left handed people wear a golf glove on their right hand.


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