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The 3 Main Golf Grips

In this article we will cover the three main golf grips which should help you to decide which is the most appropriate for your style of play ... Interlocking Grip, Vardon Overlap Grip, Baseball Grip.

Written by GizzmoAsus on 19th September 2010

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Developing a Repeatable Swing

Developing a repeatable swing is crucial for all round game play. Find out how to ensure your swing fits your game.

Written by GizzmoAsus on 10th July 2010

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Swing Fundamentals

No two swings are exactly alike. The choppy thrash of Lee Trevino bare little resemblance to the smooth, coordinated motion of Ernie Els. This being said there are common elements to both players. Here's how to include these good elements in to your own s

Written by GizzmoAsus on 23rd June 2010

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Setup Fundamentals

Jack Nicklaus insists that addressing the ball correctly is 80% of hitting a good shot and claims a great swing won't help if you're aligned incorrectly. This article shows you how to address the ball correctly.

Written by GizzmoAsus on 3rd June 2010

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