Developing a Repeatable Swing

I think we've all been there. On the first tee, your group waiting for you to take your shot, the next group standing nearby waiting to go and there's an out of bounds to the right or left. Nervy times.

It's so easy to get tense at this point; some golfers can even freeze in this situation. Confidence plays a big part here, it's your first shot of the round and all eyes seem to be on you. Any problems with your technique and potentially, you've got some problems.

Your Swing

Avoiding that nightmare scenario isn't always easy but with practice, you can hit that shot, and all others over and over and over again. It's all about making the first move the right move, with a swing that is reliable and that you can reproduce time after time, no matter the situation.

Once you have mastered your swing, you'll be well on the way to the round you always dream of because the replicable swing will not let you down under pressure, when you're tired or getting nervous.

The Basic Swing

Your swing should be one continuous movement, when you're developing your swing, it's probably best to break each element down into backswing and throughswing until you are comfortable with both parts.

If you feel that now isn't the time to change your swing then maybe its worth remembering that even the pro's have been known to change their swing dramatically. Both Tiger Woods and Phil Mickleson have changed their approach not more than 5 years ago and it seems to have worked out well for them, currently numbers 1 and 2 in the world.

Remember, a repeatable golf swing is the result of a good set up combined with a smooth an un-rushed rotation in your swing. Practiced regularly, this movement will become second nature to you.


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