How to Practice on the Driving Range

Like any golfer, you probably can't wait to let fly on the driving range with a bucket of balls armed with some ideas about how you can improve your swing based on something you've read or seen a video of but it's really not as simple as that.

Chances are, you'll probably hit some great shots whilst out on the range but before you get into thinking you've mastered something new keep an eye out for those indifferent shots that may creep in.

You have to practice each aspect of your new element for a considerable amount of time before you can take it out onto the course and get the most from it.

Driving Range Tips

Getting down to the range is a great way to improve your game if you spend your time there wisely. Spend time practicing your swing without hitting a ball every time and start out using a shorter club like a 6 or 7 iron. This will help you to build up confidence and will help you understand more about what you're trying to achieve with your new aspect. Then is the time to pull out other clubs and repeat this swing.

At the driving range, you may always think that hitting is as far as you can is the way to go but its always worth aiming for something particular as this will help you understand more about what club to use and how far away your target is when you're out on the course. Every time you do play a shot, be sure to also go through your full shot routines.

Target for Success

Every shot you play on the driving range should be aimed at somewhere specific based on the club you have in your hand, visualise that ball going to the target.

Once you've gone through your pre-shot routines line up the shot, relax ... and take a step back. Have a quick look around to see how many others on the range are taking their time, going through their full routine and aiming for a specific target. Not many right? That's why the skills you learn on the range will translate into a better game when you get out on the course for real.

Remember: Spend time practicing with all your clubs, hitting a range of different shots and aiming for specific targets. This will ultimately help you become a better player out on the golf course.


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