Improving your Golfing Technique

When playing golf it can be difficult to notice any bad habits picked up from the course. Many people try to improve their technique but are unsure how to move forward. With a little guidance and practice you should be able to see in the improvement in your game in no time.

The following guide provides a few pointers to set you on your way to improving your technique.

Working on your Golf Stance

There are many contributing factors that affect the quality of your shot. Your stance forms the start of your swing and improving your stance will lead to success on the golf course.

Your entire shot is decided by your starting setup. There are three main factors that can affect your golf stance as explained below.

  • Grip - Your grip needs to be firm with your hands in their correct places.
  • Stance - Your stance is critical to making sure your weight shifts correctly.
  • Body Positioning - Your body positioning must make you feel comfortable and in control with all elements in their correct places.

General Golfing Tips

The key to improving your golfing techniques is determined by the quality of the game you play. Hitting more balls will not necessarily improve your technique.

If you are serious about improving your golfing technique try the following tips.

  • Assessing your Aim - Hitting one ball after another without paying attention to the distance travelled or air time of the ball won't really help you improve unless you pay attention to your strengths and weaknesses.
  • Assessing your Movements - Avoid hitting balls just for the sake of it. Try to pace yourself, take time to absorb the feedback of your move on you and your body before making a consecutive move.
  • Take Time with your Follow Through - It's easy to cut short your follow through as it doesn't seem to really matter. Absorb the impact caused by a solid follow through on your body. This will start to give you a feel for how you should be positioned when taking a serious shot.
  • Align your Body Before Making Shots - If you really want to improve your technique, try taking each shot as though you are actually playing a game. Golfing requires more than just good hitting. Focus on maintaining good posture and keeping a steady stance.


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