The Mental Aspect to Beating the Greens

You're well aware of how to play a great putt and you know exactly how to judge your shot but is that enough?

Building up belief in your putting stroke is a key aspect and you'll find that plenty of time on the practice greens will help you get a feel for the ball. It's best to start by knocking in some short relatively short putts, around 3 ft is perfect. Whilst most golfers may see this as an 'easy' shot, it's seen all too often that these can be missed by the best. Gaining your confidence on these types of shot will help stop any nervousness you may get whilst out on the course.

Think Positive

Always think that the ball is going to drop straight into the cup when you're practicing. After a while, start listening to the putt, the sound of the club hitting the ball and then the even more satisfying sound of the ball rattling into the bottom of the hole. This is something you should always try and remember before playing any putt out on the course; think positive; it's a lot more likely going to go in!

Trust Your Instincts

Once you're out on the course, you have to trust yourself when you reach the greens, you've spent a good amount of time practicing and getting this right so now is the time to step up and do it!

Follow your usual routine, run the line that the ball needs to roll in your head but don't over think it, trust your instincts. Remember the sounds of your putter striking the ball smoothly and then the sound of the ball dropping into the cup, it all helps. Visualisation is a key when playing a great putt so always think it's going to go in, don't let negativity creep in.

A great round is all about being confident; step up and knock it home!


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