The Line of Your Putt

Visualising where you want your putt to go over the greens is nothing new but do you see your putt moving left to right over the bumps or do you view it as a straight line to the right of left of the pin? If you view it as a straight line, then you're on your way already.

If the green you're stood on slopes from left to right, to allow for this, you should aim to the left of the hole where you visualise your ball going in a straight line to this point.

Picking Your Spot

Where you pick the spot to the left or right of the hole very much depends on the size of the break and the speed of the greens. It also depends on the speed at which you hit the ball, whether the end of your line needs to be before of after the pin.

This is effective because it means you are aiming for one fixed point on the green to play your shot and you’re not trying to imagine all the bends and movements the ball might take and this will help you the focus for a better contact on the ball.

The Dreaded Long Putt

Confidence and skill on the green is always required but any time you are left with a putt of over 6 to 8 feet, a certain element on luck does play a part, simply due to the increased number of variables that come hand in hand with the increased distance.

On long putts such as these, it's often more important to get close and stay close to the hole. For even longer putts of over 20 feet, just aiming for an area around the pin will help as even if you don't make the putt, this means your second green stroke will be very much achievable and will leave your scorecard intact.


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