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A dictionary of popular golf terms from the perspective of an amateur golfer, if you have any suggestions then feel free to get in touch and I'll add them.



Completion of hole in a single stroke. The odds of this happening are about 45,000 to 1, just a little worse than the odds of finding a brand new ball in the rough (27,000 to 1), but considerably better than odds of hitting a sweet drive off a crowded tee (about 2.2 million to 1)

Addressing the ball

  1. Assuming the correct stance and placing the head of the club on the ground somewhere behind the ball prior to hitting it
  2. Offering suggestions to the ball prior to hitting it such as, "If you go in that bunker I'll ..." or "Get in your home ball, get in your home".


Accoridng to the rules of golf, advice is "any suggestion made by one golfer to another about their choice of club, method of approach etc, which contains no more than 5 harmful recommendations or contradictory statements". It's also worth noting that six or more pieces of misinformation shall formally constitute a lesson.

All Square

A term used to denote that both teams or individuals during match play have a "good marker" who has awarded equal scores

Amateur Golfer

An individual who plays golf for pleasure


Psychiatric specialist who treats individuals suffering from the delusion that playing golf is pleasurable

Approach Shot

A shot which would have skipped across the green and into a lake had it not caught the top lip of the bunker and dropped in


The player who's ball lies furthest from the hole is considered to be "away", in which they are required by the rules of golf to play first. If after this shot they are still "away" then they are entitled to kick the first bag and throw the first club.


Additional Entries

If anyone has any additional entries they would like adding to the dictionary then please let me know either by adding a comment below or by using the contact form. :-)

Written by Matt on 12th May

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