The Golfer's Dictionary

A dictionary of popular golf terms from the perspective of an amateur golfer, if you have any suggestions then feel free to get in touch and I'll add them.


Back Door

The part of the cup furthest from the player currently putting. Typically however the ball tends to either wait politely on the steps to the back door having a quick smoke or more likely goes off wandering in the back garden.


The part of a the swing immediately after telling the ball where to go and before hitting the ball into the nearest rough patch.


A spherical composite-cored object weighing 1.62 ounces with a dimameter of 1.68 inches that will enter a hole 4.75 inches in diameter after an average of 3.79 putts.


The grass typically found on the greens.

Bermuda & Blue

The grass typically found on the fairways.

Bindweed, Bog Grass & Bullrushes

Typically found wherever the ball is found


The best of one or more practice swings along with a "20ft gimme" or the result of a good marker.

Blind Hole

A hole whose green is not visible upon hitting an approach shot, thereby requiring a keen sense of direction or a good ear for the shout of "OUCH! where the heck did that come from".


One over par, or the number of strokes required to finish a hole for an average skilled golfer with good marking abilities.


  1. The changing of direction of a putt heading directly for the hole, caused by a slope or competitors ball marker
  2. The after-effect of a putter meeting the nearest golf bag after a player has missed an easy 1ft putt


A hole found in the middle of a fairway or surrounding a bunker which has had it's soil removed to be replaced by something invented to trap players. In the event it is greater than 2,000 square feet, you may actually be on a beach so get the deck chair out and relax.


Additional Entries

If anyone has any additional entries they would like adding to the dictionary then please let me know either by adding a comment below or by using the contact form. :-)

Written by Matt on 12th May

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