The Golfer's Dictionary

A dictionary of popular golf terms from the perspective of an amateur golfer, if you have any suggestions then feel free to get in touch and I'll add them.



The scored achieved by a golfer who somehow managed to hit all of their best shots on a single hole.

Penalty Stroke(s)

A good way of increasing an opponents score. Some of the most severe techniques include:

  • Convincing your opponent their ball is lost (+1 shot)
  • Convincing your opponent their ball is actually your ball (+2 strokes)
  • Convincing your opponent to feed your ball to a swan (+5 strokes)
  • Allowing your opponent to run over your ball with the buggie (+5 strokes)


Alternative name for the flag. A golfer who hits the ball level with the hole but to one side Pin is said to be "pin high".

Pin Placement

The location the greenkeeper decided to put the hole. Can typically be found just being a bunker or at the bottom of a slope next to a lake.


The art of approaching the hole with a short iron. Typically there are four main types:

  • Pitch & Run Shot with top spin on the ball to cause it run along the ground
  • Pitch & Stop Shot with backspin to stop the ball dead on the green
  • Pitch & Destroy Shot that is shanked into a nearby hazard such as a lake
  • Pitch & Moan Shot that is driven into the ground and now resides 6 feet under

Playing Through

The practice of over-taking a group of slow players whilst they look for their balls in the trees.

Practice Green

A green typically located close to the 19th so as well as being able to practice putting and chipping a golfer can also train in the art of libation in-taking.


A professional golfer is typically the only sensible golfer on a course who adheres to every rule and regulation both outlined by the club and the R&A, probably because they get paid to enjoy a hobby.

Pro Shop

The cave of wonders where the Pro resides and convinces you to walk out after spending in excess of 300 pounds.

The trick here is to keep a keen eye on your wallet and only get it out to pay your green fees ... if demanded of the pro.

Pull & Push

Perfectly straight shots, with the added bonus of going left & right (respectively) of the intended target. Usually more acceptable than a Hook or a Slice.


The only club in your arsenal guaranteed to hit a ball forward along the ground for a few feet before it stops.


Additional Entries

If anyone has any additional entries they would like adding to the dictionary then please let me know either by adding a comment below or by using the contact form. :-)

Written by Matt on 12th May

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