The Golfer's Dictionary

A dictionary of popular golf terms from the perspective of an amateur golfer, if you have any suggestions then feel free to get in touch and I'll add them.



The little dance the club head does whilst addressing the ball, shortly before sending it into a lake.

Warm Up

The technique of preparing one's self before setting out on a round to remember. A couple of good warm up exercises are as follows:

  • Remove your hat, throw it on the floor, jump up and down on it, pick it up, put it on and repeat.
  • Find a driving net, take a stick and throw it towards the net, pick up and repeat

Water Hazard

Typically described as a ducks best friend, and a golfer's too if a duck happens to be present at the time of entering the hazard.


The mystical force which causes balls to drastically swerve in the air. Often mistaken as a "Hook" or a "Slice".

Winter Rules

A rule devised to allow golfer's to pick up and clean their ball then replace it in a more favourable position during adverse weather conditions during the winter months. Typically this time period runs from the 5th December to bonfire night.


There are two main definitions for the term "woods" in golf:

  • The biggest, longest clubs in a golfer's bag
  • The location of the ball after using one of the above clubs


The swollen joint at the bottom of an stiff shoulder, a painful elbow and an aching forearm.


Additional Entries

If anyone has any additional entries they would like adding to the dictionary then please let me know either by adding a comment below or by using the contact form. :-)

Written by Matt on 12th May

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