Lancashire Golf Courses

Some of the world's most famous golf tournaments take place at Lancashire's celebrated Links Courses, which stretch along the renowned Lancashire Golf Coast.

Luckily for any golf enthusiasts out there, many of the best courses are also open to the public, so you can test your ability with the challenges that links courses are famous for tricky winds, sand dunes, small, deep bunkers, uneven fairways and thick rough.

Around the delightful and historic coastal resorts of Lytham and St Annes, just a few miles from the bright lights of Blackpool, you'll find four world-class golf courses.

We currently have 94 courses in the county of Lancashire


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Golfer's Dictionary


As outlined in the rules, the general behaviour whilst in the vicinity of the course. Including (but not limited to):

  • Never pick your nose wiht tee pegs
  • Never sneeze into your glove
  • Never hold a ball for another golfer to hit
  • Never wear golf shoes to a dance
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