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The clothing regulations as laid out by each course. A few pointers to aid you in deciding what to wear are as follows:

  • It should contain at least 8 shades of colours with a minimum of 4 well-known logos
  • It should be visible to any visting aliens orbiting the earth in a ship with windows
  • Socks shound be knee high and fit snuggly over the trousers
  • It should be able to jam radar
  • When scuffed, shoes should be re-painted with Dulux gloss instead of being cleaned and polished
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Course of the Day

Hagley Golf And Country Club

Hagley Golf and Country Club was founded in 1980 by the Garratt family and has since enjoyed great success with local golfers and those from further afar. It is a pleasant club well-known for the quality of its facilities and makes for the perfect weeken...

Located in StourbridgeView Course Details
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